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SiJu is formed from the initials of two glass artists Silvana and Judy. They met over 20 years ago and have been friends and colleagues since. In 2009 they attended a course together in glass fusion in Perth and were inspired by the beauty of the glass pieces. Eventually buying their own kiln, they explored the endless possibilities of fusing glass and experimenting with some interesting results.
In 2012, Silvana moved to the Perth Hills and set up her own studio in the old stables on her 5 acre property.  Installation of solar panels ensured her work is environmentally conscious.   She now works on her own designs in her studio.

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By fusing and slumping the glass, a multitude of different forms can be produced. The glass is cut to shape, assembled in layers and fired in a kiln at around 800oC which fuses all the glass pieces together. Slumping of the glass over a mould is then performed, again in the kiln, to produce these beautiful objects. The transformation of the glass in the kiln from solid to liquid and then solid again gives a unique freedom of form.



Casting glass is similar for all mediums such as bronze.  Techniques such as lost wax or open casting are used.  A plaster silica mould is made around the wax or object, which is then removed to form a void.  Glass is then melted into the void in a kiln.  Cold working is usually required to finish the piece.

Silvana Ferrario - Siju Glass cold worki


Cold working glass uses several different types of equipment including saws, grinders, belt and disc sanders, hand sanders, lathe and sandblasters.  Most often used are discs or belts embedded with diamonds together with water.  By using different grades, a suitable finish, such as satin or optical polish, can be achieved.

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